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We believe in more.

Our heart is for all people to know the fullness of life in Jesus - to enjoy Him and find ultimate satisfaction in Him. Everything we write, everything we make and everything we share is because of that heart.

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We began as a group of friends who wanted to make a difference.

At different points in our lives we had each discovered that our deepest needs and longings couldn't ever be truly fulfilled by anything temporary - things, experiences, or even relationships.

That itch you feel when you're alone and quiet and thinking about life, that hunger for purpose and identity is evidence that, deep down, you know that anything with an expiry date will never be enough. You know that there must be something bigger than you, something more to live for.

To find true fulfilment and identity we need to be in relationship with the One who designed us - intentionally, lovingly and purposefully.

We need to know God.

But there is a problem, one that I cannot ignore; God is perfect and I am not. At the end of my life, I’m going to stand before this perfect God and try to be acceptable to Him after the life that I’ve lived, or through the life that someone else has lived for me. Someone who chose me, gave His perfection to me, took my mess from me, died because of it instead of me, and conquered death forever for me.

This person who can transform a grey, self-centred, hopeless existence into one which bursts with rich meaning, identity, purpose and colour.


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It is why we love Him.

It is why we want to know and follow Him. It is why we want you to know Him too. Because He has given us the best thing He ever could - Himself.

You were made to be connected to Him.
Knowing Him changes everything.

But Jesus isn’t a life coach guiding people through a self improvement course called Christianity. He isn’t committed to furthering your ambitions, dreams and comforts. He doesn’t offer to improve your circumstances or make you more efficient at achieving your own ends. He changes your ends. He changes what you’re about. He changes your purpose.

Our blog is filled with articles exploring the countless ways in which this new purpose impacts your life. We don't have all the answers, but it's a good place to start.

Our purpose is to be a voice.

Something More exists to share these truths with the world. To help people understand them, and to inspire and equip others to share them. We're growing a community that is defined by its desire to know God more intimately and make Him known more openly.

If you are someone who believes that hope is found in Jesus, you have a choice to make every day. You can quietly keep everything you know about Him to yourself, or you can stand and you can speak. You can have a voice filled with hope, meaning and truth. Truth that has the power to transform the lives of the people around you.

Stand with us and say - We believe in more.

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5 years of working to deliver gospel impact.

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve worked to reveal that there is something more to life through the creation of gospel-centric, bible-based content, resources, trips and events designed to engage people with true meaning, purpose and identity in this digital age. We stand against the social tide of subjectivity to equip and inspire Christians to live and speak for Jesus.

Our international, inter-generational, interdenominational community is responsible for using our content at to generate a social reach of over 4 million. Our trips for young leaders are often characterised as ‘life changing’ and have inspired dozens of new initiatives, ministries and platforms that work to see the world changed by the gospel. Our design agency serves our vision by working with local churches, national ministries and global organisations to bring change and deliver impact on over 200 creative projects to date.



We believe that knowing the One who is the source of meaning, identity and absolute truth can change lives. We believe that people telling others about Him can change the world.

Everything we do is about seeing that happen.

There is something more.
Know Him. Tell someone.