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We believe in more.

Our world longs for meaning.
We believe it can be found.

Meaning, identity and absolute truth have always been there, waiting. You have been designed, created and called for a purpose bigger than yourself. You are loved more than you can know.

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Know Him.
Tell someone.

We believe that knowing the One who is the source of meaning, identity and absolute truth can change lives. We believe that people telling others about Him can change the world.

Everything we do is about seeing that happen.

There is something more.
Know Him. Tell someone.


We write things to help you know Him.

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Our mission is as simple as it is bold.

We’re working to equip and inspire a generation of believers to embrace the absolute truth of the gospel, and in so doing, embody faithful action - living distinctively and speaking boldly - so that together, we might wake up our world to who Jesus is and what He has done.

There is something more.
Know Him. Tell someone.

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We make things to help you tell someone.

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From local churches to global organisations, we work to make change happen by bringing brilliant ideas to life.


The Something More Publication.

Wonderful, painful, transformational encounters with God in His Word that brought us closer to Him and produced growth and fruit in our lives. 

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