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All new from us. Moremail.

A monthly roundup of our content, inspiration, musings and prayers distilled down into one aesthetically pleasing, inbox-joy-bringing, spiritually edifying delight.

Giving you the latest/best from us + serving as a hub of inspiration for your own Kingdom endeavours.

Who knew updates could be so glorious.

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A sneak peak at this month’s instalment…

“It’s here people.

Allow me to let you into my dilemma.

My boss (who shall henceforth be referred to as Tom, or maybe the dictator, depending on how I’m feeling) has tasked me with, and I quote, “distilling all that our organisation does into a tasty little monthly nugget of inspirational gold designed to mobilise the people of our community to faithful action, so that, together, we might wake up our world to who Jesus is and what He has done.”

Yes, he does actually speak like that.
No, I don’t get it half the time either.

So here I am, feeling the presh.
And here you are, full of all the grace and patience and good vibes.

And here we go, cue deep intake of breath…”