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All new from us. Moremail.

A monthly roundup of our content, inspiration, musings and prayers distilled down into one aesthetically pleasing, inbox-joy-bringing, spiritually edifying delight.

Giving you the latest/best from us + serving as a hub of inspiration for your own Kingdom endeavours.

Who knew updates could be so glorious.

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A sneak peak at this month’s instalment…

It’s safe to say, the 7th of February is far too late to be doing the whole Happy New Year thing, so rather than wasting precious time on unnecessary pleasantries and cutting into that 8 second attention span we now apparently have - thanks social media* - assume I’m sending you all of the warmest wishes etc. and let us continue with this month’s instalment of Moremail.

So, 2019 is shaping up to be a whopper of a year for us, we’re talking new podcast, print, clothing, trips, events, articles, OUR 5th BIRTHDAY - the real question is what aren’t we doing?

*There is evidence to suggest that our modern attention span has in fact been unfairly maligned, aka 8 seconds = a lie. So let’s beat the goldfish** and carry on reading for one minute more.

**There is also evidence to suggest that, contrary to popular belief, goldfish have become a model system for studying the process of memory formation so now I’m left questioning all the facts I thought I knew.