Something in His eyes


I feel truth in photography is a somewhat evasive concept - especially in the capturing of people. Our attempts at honesty and integrity can often be "staged" to help contextualise a matter or articulate a sentiment. We feel our vulnerability could do with some "Valencia”, or like we have to add some contrast to our candids.

I find more "realness" in the inanimate. The disregarded. The lifeless things.
Truthfully, I'd go as far as to say, I relate to them.
I see my lack of self-esteem in their emptiness, my laziness in their limpness and my depression in their dullness.

And then...

2017-10-30 08.18.30 1.jpg

Just like that, these things - unimportant and unassuming - are transformed into...

But, of course some will argue that, regardless of its ability to be transformed into a captivating image of structural slender, a lamppost will forever be a lamppost (and I'll argue that I'll forever be just me). However, that's not how I see it. And that's not how God sees me.

The truth is there is an endless supply of beauty in the mundane - when you look for it.

As you stare deeper, you see it's more than just itself. It's the framing, the comforting colours, perfect placement, idyllic imperfections that all come together and create an experience that, when sought after, embraced, captured is truthfully...

To Him, our insignificant placement is significant, our glowing imperfections are ideal and our dull colouring allows His vast array of hues to be evermore on display.

The truth is, on my own I am not much of anything. It is when He digs deeper in me, through me, with me, I become so much more than myself.
When I am captured in Him, by Him, I truly become...something.


TruthTom Olyott