What if?



It's just a rulebook right?
A list of unachievable dos and don'ts
Made to make the Saints look more saintly
And the sinners more sinful.

What if Christianity changed all the rules?
Says it's not what you do, but who you belong to
Says salvation is free, a gift from a Father
Who saw all our sin but loved us despite it
Who knew, on our own, that we wouldn't make it
So sent down His son to stand in our place
And conquered our sin with this thing He calls grace.



It's just a building right?
A club for 'good' people
Who all look and do, speak and think just the same.

What if church was a family?
Of sinners like you and sinners like me
Who know that we fail, that we slip up and fall
But are loved by a Father who seeks out us all.
A place to be open and honest and broken
Where we come as we are, no frills or pretences,
to meet with our God and let down our defences.



Distant and angry right?
A far-away ruler who leads from the sky
With anger and judgment when you step out of line.

What if God was a Father?
Not angry but loving,
Who looks past our faults and gently undoes them.
Who stepped down from heaven to seek and to save us,
And walked there beside us to reach and redeem us.
Who felt all our pain, cried tears, knew temptation,
And calls us by name, His son and His daughter
Not worthy, but loved by a loving Creator.


What if the truth of all three – God, church and Christianity
Was bigger and better than all that you've heard?
And what if, in you, God takes great delight?
It would be worth stopping, pausing and listening...




TruthTom Olyott