Saira and Rachel




Life as a Christian can often feel like an uphill climb; the way is hard, the path is unclear. Sometimes persevering in our faith is about keeping going. Taking step after step, trusting that God has gone before, that He walks beside us, that He will keep us from falling. 

And then there are times when persevering in our faith is about just holding on. Holding on for dear life, trusting that the One who called us is faithful and He will not let us go. In these times it often feels like we’re going nowhere- not progressing, standing still- scared to move, scared to fall. In these times of difficulty, trial and discouragement, God draws alongside us, He holds on tight to us and we only need to cling on to him. 

So as we journey on in faith, keeping going, holding on, we know that victory is certain because it is Jesus who is our strength. He sustains us in the journey, He keeps our feet from slipping and it is He who carries us when the climb is hard.

Keeping going is exhausting and letting go can be tempting, but with Jesus there is nothing that can overcome us. So when the climb feels overwhelming and we don't know how we’ll ever reach the top, we must fix our eyes on Jesus! He will give us the strength to continue steadfastly, daily pushing onwards, boldly taking the next step, and the next, and the next.