Something More Rose Hoodie

Something More Rose Hoodie


100% organic cotton
premium unisex hoodie
fair wear

The Something More Collection - 'Live distinctively. Speak boldly.'

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We’re a movement of people taking the message of Jesus into the world.

We also have a responsibility to care for our planet and uphold justice for its people.

Human trafficking is one of the most destructive and degrading criminal actions in the world. It is organised crime that profits from human misery.

We will stand with those combatting forced labour.
We will stand for freedom and for justice.
We will stand and support those that offer an alternative to unethical, unsustainable, mass-produced clothing.

We're committed to only working with suppliers that ensure all garments are ethically and sustainably produced, all the way back to the source. Every single garment is sustainably sourced and Fair Wear guaranteed. We’re standing against the tide to create things that are filled with meaning and give dignity to the people who make them.

Stand with us.

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model wears size L