The Something More Publication

The Something More Publication


This publication represents the journey of the people at the heart of our community:

A journey into intimacy with God.

Over the last 5 years since Something More began, we have seen how closeness with God erodes the need to put ourselves at the centre of our lives; that when we begin to understand who He is and what He has done, everything else dims; and that when we know Him, we can’t not speak of Him.

This publication is an output of those experiences.

150 pages of wonderful, painful, transformational encounters with God in His Word that brought us closer to Him and produced growth and fruit in our lives. The articles within explore the ways in which a deepening familiarity with the nature and character of God more readily overflows into a natural longing to live and speak for Him; how, when we are drawn into intimacy with Him, we are compelled to act.

Our hope is that, if it does anything, this publication will drive you into the Word of the Living God; who loved you so much that He stepped down from glory to wear your sin, bear your shame and conquer your death, so that you can now stand in His victory. This story isn’t about us - we are in it only to reveal something of His majesty - it is all about Him.

To live is Christ: life with Him isn’t about more for you, it is about more than you.
“He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.” John 3:30

There is something more.
Know Him. Tell someone.

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