Let’s get this straight. I love people, but I’m an introvert, and it takes a while for me to warm up to someone. So why not sign up to a trip 8 time zones away with 16 other strangers! “Yes - I’ll do that” said my inner monologue. Spoiler alert - I didn’t regret that decision.

If you give me a bowl of peanuts, a cup of tea and put on some Novo Amor vibe playlist - I’ll be able to pen down a list of learning lessons from the trip. But I’m not going to do that - What I’ve come to realise is that when you put a bunch of strangers from all walks of life, upbringing and culture that loves Jesus, what you’ll get is 168 hours of joy, support, care, fun, rest and a sense of simplicity like no other. Sure, you’ll get to learn valuable practical skills and knowledge from our various agency visits and interviews - which you can also achieve by attending a course or watching a video online. But as an introvert to another, this is how family is made.

What a dream it was to be able to spend a week with this bunch of amazing human beans. It was such a privilege and honour! Till next time.

Tom Olyott