If this California trip was just a lovely holiday, where we met people we'd never met before, explored the amazing sites in LA together, relaxed by the beach, played stupid games in the pool, ate super tasty (slightly unhealthy) food, crashed in our swanky airbnbs and had a swell old time across the pond - all over the course of a week - it would have been an awesome trip.

I would have come back to London and carried awesome memories of great times with great people.

It WAS all that. And it was so so so much more.

The sites, views, food, homes were all absolutely amazing.

But what made the trip life-changing was God.

Whether it was our morning devotions where we intentionally made space to seek His face and His heart through the word and prayer or simply hearing the amazing work He was doing in and through the lives of the people we fellowshiped with, simply putting Him at the centre of this trip turned something great into something more (couldn't resist).

I guess, in writing this, I'm understanding my biggest takeaway from the trip is the reminder to put God first - during the unbelievably scenic, picturesque, once in a lifetime moments in beautiful destinations AND also in the rainy commutes on the Met line on the way to 9am lectures.

Through the good and through the bad, it is in seeking his face and walking with him daily that we gain understanding of our true purpose, an incomparable source of inspiration and a deeper love for His people.

With a new season on the horizon (#pointlessartdegree), I feel challenged yet emboldened. To live for God, with God and in God.

Forever grateful to Something More for not only giving us an incredible experience but also making a space to be with, listen to and experience God in the midst of it. For creating community, inspiring creativity, challenging our faith and empowering 16 of the best people a boy could hope to meet.

Tom Olyott