Rediscovering Truth. Returning to Truth. Refocusing on Truth.

The word truth has been a regular recurrence this week through sessions, devotionals and conversations. I have been challenged to look at my life in the light of God’s truth rather than my own interpretation of it. This week God has encouraged me to stop, pause and listen to His voice - to pull away from the noise and plug into Him. In this stillness I have been able to rediscover the truth of who God is, His heart for me at this time in my life and to rest in His promise for what is to come. It is such a liberating feeling to return and rediscover God’s purposes not just for my life but for His Kingdom. My desire is that all I do will now be refocused on this, for my story to be re-centred around Him, to be reminded that He wants me to thrive out of His rest rather than rely on my own ability.

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