Before Something More I was beginning to become very complacent in all areas in my walk with God. I became too busy to spend time reading my Bible and praying and it showed; I was becoming more selfish, immune to bad habits and worst of all becoming very anxious, especially when it came to my career. There is no doubt that this week has been life transforming, reminding me the importance in putting God first in EVERYTHING! This trip not only reminded me of how important it is to read the Word but also gave me tools and equipped me in how to increase my understanding of God's word. Not to read the Bible just to tick the "I've been a good Christian box"!

Secondly this trip has taught me to go after the things of God; over this past week we have met the most amazing, creative and inspiring Christians, who are using their God given creative gifts for God's Kingdom. Before this trip I was becoming complacent in what God is calling me to, this trip has taught me we that don't have gifts for the benefit of self but for others and most importantly for the use of bringing God's Kingdom on earth. Unlike any other Christian event I'm not only inspired but also feel equipped in leading creatively to make His name known.

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