Before I came to LA, I had my own ideas of what I wanted to come out of the trip with Something More. I have been thinking a lot over the last few months about the concept of 'Space and Time'. The importance of allowing God to speak to you when you give him time through meditation and the God opportunities that present themselves when we give God space to move.

This is something I was really expectant for when coming to LA, I wanted to sit in the quiet and see God show up. Throughout the week we had great times of quiet, waiting on God and reading His word but I would honestly say that the times spent talking to fellow Team More friends were the times that I really had revelations of who God is and saw Him show up in beautiful ways through our conversations.

I think as an introvert, I have often focused my attention on having 'quiet times' when in fact God often wants to speak through the brothers and sisters around me and for me to speak into their lives. I would say that the common theme for me throughout this trip has been the idea of 'community'. I was almost too familiar with the word, after all we speak about community all the time in church. Over the last week I have had a real revelation of the power of community and the magnetic attraction it can have.

A place where we can be encouraged and challenged from a place of love with the intention of growing and becoming more like Jesus is something that is invaluable. I have read so much about God using people to communicate His heart to His people and I have witnessed and been a part of that this week with my Something More family. So I came into this week expectant that God was going to speak, and He has, but in a different way to what I expected

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