The Something More trip allowed catalysts for change in my life and the tools and direction in order to be equipped to reshape culture. As a creative, this trip enabled me not to seek opportunity or recognition, but instead be faithful patient and trusting. To listen to others and pour into them or just make them feel seen and loved. This was unlike anything else in world - nothing to compare it to! I am leaving with family, incred memories, sharpened faith, fresh eyes and an activated heart ready to put our God above everything and more clearly and boldly communicating creativity without copying culture! This week was a glimpse of God’s favor and kindness. So many good seeds have been planted! Everyone impacted me hugely! You have so much influence!

This week will go down in history for me. I got to release that adventure girl/ creative visionary and thrive in an environment of beautiful, Jesus-loving people. I’ve left feeling equipped to be released into the world as a young adult ready to take action and rebrand culture. Jesus, you are SOOO good. Last Sunday they were strangers and today they are family.

Tom Olyott