The Cali 17’ Trip has been an overwhelming week of inspiration, creative vision and a feeling of starting the ‘next chapter’ in my life. The people we met over the week all managed to speak to me in an individual way about working and operating as a Christian in a worldly environment and how we remain true to our values but also communicate our faith. However, above all else the relationships made and developed within the group over the week have been by far the most valuable thing for me. Every person has their own unique story and testimony on how God is using and changing them but together I also believe that we have a mutual calling to join together, through Jesus, to be a voice in a world that needs to hear it.

He’s been teaching me this week about the value of being true to myself and who God has divinely designed me to be. He gave me gifts, abilities and passions for a unique blend of things and that’s what makes me ‘me’. In the world that we live it is far to easy to be consumed by comparisons, consumed by the perceived ‘coolness’ of certain lifestyles, fashions and personalities. God has graciously blessed me with the gift to perceive and adapt to different people to help me build relationships and minister but with this gift comes also the ability to mould to those around me and drift unaware into the culture of the world around me. He has been teaching me that I need to truly understand my character, my vision, my values so that I can remain firm and rooted no matter what situation I find myself in.

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