The best things in life happen when you push yourself out of your comfort zone, and this trip was exactly that for me.

What other chance will you get in life to go to California with 16 strangers to learn more about and connect with God, to make amazing memories and new friendships?

This week in California has been one of the most pivotal weeks of my life. I have got so much more out of the trip than I ever could have hoped for.

As a new christian I feel that the trip allowed me to spend time with and grow in my relationship with God, have a place to share and ask questions and learn so much about the bible. As a creative, the trip has taught me practical skills, inspired me, and connected me to peers with similar interests.

I left California with the knowledge that God is always with me. I am SO excited for what is to come next, confident in my relationship with God and motivated to pursue my creative passions.

Tom Olyott