The lessons that God teaches are not always new. That "still small voice" can come in the form of a truth we already know, or knew. We may have let the power of that truth diminish over time as our minds fill with other things, or it may have been forgotten altogether. For me, it was the latter. Put plainly I had forgotten that what God gifted me with was creative, I had reduced my gift to it's most base functionality.

A renewed sense of wonder in LA left me uneasy, there was a direct correlation between the limitations I imposed on my creative gifts, and my view of God. As though my comprehension of God was tied to my ability to express it. 

Using the same 20 or so words to describe God withholds the praise He deserves, and finding fresh expressions can facilitate the expansion of our understanding of God's character, but creativity itself cannot be our goal. The only reason to pursue it should be to better ascribe worth to God. The gift of creativity can only be used as worship, if the sole recipient of the glory is God.

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