Before coming to CA I really felt God speaking through Matthew 28:16-20 where it talks about the Great Commission and how He has given us all heavenly authority in this earth, but that we should be using this to go and reach all peoples and all nations.

The fact I’m here is because He called me. He’s teaching me to obey Him, to go where He calls, to pick up my nets and just go headlong in pursuit of Him. He’s shown me I stand shoulder to shoulder with likeminded, bible-believing, truth-seeking Christians and the power of community and unity that causes hell to shake. There is power in unity that the enemy doesn’t want us to know, but this week in community together, God has show me the power of His redemption and the simplicity of the Gospel.

It’s not complex, it’s simple - things I’ve never seen before in the Word have just blown out to me like fireworks. In less than a week I’ve made lifelong friends, been relentlessly encouraged, laughed non-stop and seen all of the most incredible aspects of God’s creation. I’ve learnt so much from the wisest Christian leaders and creatives and truly believe God is stirring more and more inside me as I seek Him out - it’s going to take me a long time to process, but it’s going to be so worthwhile. Why can’t the week be a whole year? Genuinely been the best week of my life

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