Spending time in beautiful surroundings with amazing, creative people would have been enough to inspire me, but it became clear very quickly that God had placed exactly the right creative people together in exactly the right location, to not only inspire, but to fully ignite fires in our hearts so that we can go home feeling refreshed, full of faith and ready to do His will. Fully knowing that we are not alone, we have a group of like-minded friends beside us doing the same. For me, it was the small conversations I had throughout the week that meant the most. I came into the week with a lot of uncertainty about what my future looked like, and while I didn’t miraculously get all the answers, I got confirmation that my thoughts and plans were going in the right direction, I got comfort in trusting that my path was being led by God and that I didn’t need to be able to see for myself what was coming, I just needed to keep stepping forward.

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