Initially I didn’t really understand why I’d applied. I had no money to pay for it. Financially and logistically, I really didn’t know how it was gonna work. I’d had conversations with people and felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit to go and be a part of it.

It was honestly the best week of my life. So much more happened on that trip than I could ever have anticipated.

I don't know exactly what I expected when I came here, but I certainly wasn't prepared for what God had waiting for me at the end of this trip. I left the UK feeling insecure about who I was, uncertain of what God was calling me to, discouraged by the words of others, unable to live out the vision he had planted in me, disappointed by my relationships and small-minded about my God.

But He knew I would be here bringing all those things with me and it's clear that He ordained this trip to happen. And for me to be on it. He carefully hand picked the other amazing people who were involved and planned exactly how He would speak into every area of my life that needed reminding.

He is God. He is my God. He is good. He loves me. He knows me fully. He has called me. He has equipped me. He has anointed me. He has planned my every step. He doesn't get it wrong or make mistakes. He's in the business of winning. Transforming hearts and minds. Winning people. Pursuing them. Seeking out the lost and the broken and bringing them home. Building his Kingdom. And I have a part to play in that. My job is not to figure out my next step or plan ahead, my job is to trust, and to let God be God.

I came here in search of inspiration, encouragement and friendship but God has increased this ten fold. I am leaving more affirmed. In who I am, who God has called me to be and what He has equipped me to do. More inspired, to explore new ways of communicating the life changing news of Jesus and introducing people to him. More encouraged in the vision and calling God has for my life and to go and be obedient to where he's called me. More excited, about the adventure that God has me on and what He will do. More loved. Not just by God but by this new family who have welcomed, encouraged and invested words, prayers, time and love into me. More determined, to live differently in a world that wants to silence God. More expectant, to see hearts change across my city, my nation and the world.

So my advice is... have an Isaiah attitude and if God says “GO” be ready to answer “here I am, send me”.

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Something More