‘Build Your Tribe’ - Steph.
Pool Day Bonanza.
Worship Potluck Gathering.

We’re always working to keep developing and refining the trip year on year to make sure we deliver the best balance of valuable input and exploration opportunity. But one of the most important things we’ve learned is to just give space to hang out, take a break and enjoy sitting by a pool under the Californian sun. So, today, we’re taking the opportunity to make the most of our gorgeous Californian home and invest in a pool day. Doctor’s orders.

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During the day, Steph Martinez will arrive at the house to deliver a session called 'Build Your Tribe'. Steph Martinez is a creative born and raised in Los Angeles with years of Social Media Management under her belt for non-profit, for-profit, fashion, and film with recognisable brands like The Giving Keys, The Heart of Man Movie and now her startup agency, Noble Media. She loves investing into creatives all over to world as they create a beautiful narrative with their work that inspires and transforms. 

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After our session with Steph and a morning of rest, relaxation, community (tanning) and postcard writing, we’ll reunite after lunch for a poolside 'Bonanza' (mysterious) hosted by the magnificent, the effervescent, the stupefying, the prodigious personality of Game Master Extraordinaire, Lexie Glass.

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Think teams, points*, challenges, forfeits, humiliation and all-round hilarity.

*points do not mean prizes.

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We have been blessed with the most incredible community of Californian natives. This year, we're inviting some of them over to the house for a really special evening of worship, food, connecting and dreaming. 

Tom Olyott