‘Storytelling’ - VeracityColab.
Huntington Beach.

Choosing a favourite day of the trip is a bit like choosing a favourite child, but for us ‘VC Day’ gets it. An original connection from our very first trip to California, our dear friends at VeracityColab are some of the most inspiring, accomplished, generous, and innovative creative leaders you could ever hope to meet. We’re delighted to be able to give you the opportunity to learn as much from them as we have.

Something More California 12.jpg

With a client portfolio packed full of work for everyone from Adobe to eBay and Google to Lenovo, it’s safe to say that VeracityColab know what they’re doing. We met Charlie three years ago whilst exhibiting at a conference for Christian CEOs (that neither of us got any work from…) and it’s proved to have been a match made in heaven.

Being separated by 5,500 miles, an ocean and a continent doesn’t stop sparks flying whenever TISM & VC get together. These folk have a serious amount of insight, experience, talent and integrity. Pin your ears back, get your notebooks out and settle in for some A grade content.

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Mike and team will be pulling back the curtain to reveal what it’s like at the spearhead of world-leading creative work as they take us through the creative process of a project at the highest possible level.

We’ll have the opportunity to ask questions (come prepared) and learn about retaining biblical integrity as a leading faith-centric agency whilst working with high-profile secular clients. We’ll eat together and play (win) a TISM vs VC table tennis tournament before bidding farewell and piling back into the vans for an afternoon at Huntington Beach.

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It’s also worth bearing in mind that we’ll be going into an active workplace, and even though it’s California, it’s probably a good idea to avoid rocking up in sandy bikinis and bare feet. We’re not saying pack heels, but think somewhere between Point Break and TDWP.

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Once we get to Huntington you can get out your pocket money and hire a board & wetsuit - Surf City beckons. Or, if faceplanting sand for a few hours isn't your idea of fun, you can take a leisurely walk down the pier to Ruby's Diner for pancakes, bacon, chocolate chips, scrambled eggs and ice cream sundaes. Or salad. I think...? Actually, probably not.

Tom Olyott