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Moving Day.
The Dream Centre.

Like the original Pilgrims to settle these far-off shores, today we pack up into our wagons and set off on the second half of our adventure. You've had wild mountains and secluded vineyards, prepare for manicured lawns and liberal botox. We're off to Beverley Hills.

Something More California.jpg

Downtown is a pretty weird vibe, so we'll let you loose for a bit just to get the idea, but it's definitely not a highlight. It's a bit like a movie set where everyone has gone to lunch - it looks cool, but nothing is really happening...

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Another first for us this year is with The Dream Centre. The Dream Centre is a faith-based charitable organisation that finds and fills the needs of struggling people by offering free resources and services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of poverty, addiction, and abuse. We've been invited to head out and serve with their food trucks which deliver groceries to folks that are food insecure at 20+ sites in Los Angeles County.

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Our  relationship with Hillsong is one that continually motivates and inspires us to keep pursuing excellence for the glory of God. These guys are going beyond ‘keeping up’ with creative trends and influences, they are setting the pace. We'll hear from their creative team, hang out, eat, lovely.

Tom Olyott