It can’t be.
It’s not possible.
The end has arrived.

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Regaining an enduring heat, a persistent passion and a life fully devoted to Jesus can only happen when our hearts are re-broken for what breaks His, when our gaze is refocused on the cross and when we wake up to truly take hold of what it means to be a Christian.
‘If Christ is anything, He must be everything.’

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We run this trip because we believe in it. We really believe everything we say about it. We believe that getting away for a week with likeminded people to learn from world changing Christian creative leaders in a beautiful place has massive potential to inspire incredible things.

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But it’s what happens now that is most important. You have a choice to make. You can go back and keep doing what you’re doing, sure. Or, you can step up and step out. Cry out to God for wisdom and direction, commit all that you are to His service and ask Him to use you any way He chooses.

And He will.

Tom Olyott