Poolside Welcome Grill.

Sunday is the day you all arrive! We have two transfers arriving from the airport, so once you get to the house feel free to settle in, make yourself at home and meet your new family as it grows around you.

We know most of you will be pretty exhausted after a long flight so there’ll be no real agenda other than connecting and getting your bearings. We’ll have assigned you a room and there’ll even be a little gift waiting on your pillow…

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We’ll spend the evening relaxing, chatting, eating, swimming and hearing a bit more about the itinerary for the week. This will be the best opportunity to ask any questions, big and small, about everything that’s ahead.

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Reflections of a member of the 2016 team about day number one...

"Personally for me, this was a time of challenge. To be still. To be open to letting God reveal Himself in new ways. To understand more about the people who have translated the vision set upon their hearts into reality. To ignite existing embers of creativity so that God can use them more fully, both from what I bring as an individual and as part of a collective. To find, develop and better own the ways I choose to communicate faith.

We arrived to a myriad of faces we had only glimpsed online. We left a week later encouraged, inspired, excited and ready to step forward together, as family. That is one dreamy week you've got on your hands."

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We have a pretty packed schedule which means a fairly early start each day. So, as excited as you may be to stay up all night chatting with your new pals, beware that breakfast is at 7am. There may even be a group up at sunrise to meet the new day with sweat. Which is either amazing or terrible, depending on your perspective. Regardless, lots to do, so make sure you get some sleep this first night at least.

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Take the opportunity to lay it all at God's feet and ask Him to make it into a landmark of growth on your journey with Him. Invest into it everything you want out of it, throw yourself into every opportunity to serve and learn, and be expectant that you will leave this beautiful place changed for the better.

Tom Olyott