‘How to use your Bible’ - James.
Rest & Recreation Day.
Golden Hour Nature Hike.

The first day is all about space. 43 acres of space in fact. We've chosen this first house because we want you to have the space to clear your head, still your mind and quieten your heart at the beginning of the week - retreating to advance. We'll also have a one-off evening session with James on 'How to use your Bible', to get us set up for a week of personal study and reflection each morning.

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At both houses, every day will begin the same. We’ll get up, eat and pause. Each morning we’ll dedicate an hour of the day to meet with God and hear what He has to say to us. James will lead us through Daniel and then we'll spend the rest of the hour in personal study and reflection. It’s so important that we stop to remember why we’re here and commit all of it to God at the beginning of every day.

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Generally, it’ll be a really relaxed day as we ease out of jet lag and into Californian life. There’ll be freedom to explore the vineyards, hang out by the pool or grab your camera and head off to the local waterfalls.

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We'll come back together in the evening over food and enjoy a restful end to a restful day. Tomorrow, we pick up the pace.

Tom Olyott