Pippa Holman,
California 2016 Team Member

California is home to a spectacular culture.

With its beaching climate, balmy sunsets, and glittering cities, spending a week in LA with Something More has shown me that it boasts so much more than picture-perfect landscapes and its rightful reputation as the world’s vanguard of creativity. Here, our God is on the move. And He had a lot to say to us.

Rising tall over the hills and the lights of Los Angeles is the Hollywood sign. You'd be hard pressed to find many who haven’t seen or heard of it, on a screen if not in person. It is a worldwide icon of fame and star-studded success. But that's only part of the story. 

In 1923, the entertainment industry was expanding exponentially and ‘Hollywoodland’ was commissioned: a new, upscale, and aspirational residential development nestled in the Hollywood hills. Harry Chandler, the developer, commissioned a giant billboard with the name HOLLYWOODLAND plastered across it to act as a giant advertisement for the venture. Yet today, the sign has lost its counterpart, 'LAND'. Just HOLLYWOOD remains, a name which has evolved to become more than just the mark of a perfect home and lifestyle.

The sign speaks for a whole culture of glamour and stardom; it encompasses the dreams of success and aspirations of fame that characterise the showbiz world, all in a single word. And as I stood before it in the sunset haze, flanked by a handful of inspirational, world changing, creative influencers, God spoke through its history and directly into my uncertain circumstances.


What we strive to build in our own strength, we have to maintain. What God builds, He takes care of.

I have been building towards a vision that I can see, one I can comprehend. I have been working like my life depends on it to see my ‘Hollywoodland’ equivalent come to pass.

But I have not been praying – or living – like my plans depend on God. I have forgotten to exercise faith, to trust in the vision that God has which is far beyond what I perceive. He is building something so much greater than me, my vision, my circumstances and my life choices.

God is establishing and shaping something that will become renowned throughout the world. And He is asking us to join in.

Yes, we are called to dream, envision, to plan, and create. But, be ready for God to take it so much further than you know.

His Kingdom is breaking in and transforming our landscape, our culture, our world. It's so much bigger and brighter than we can see. And it is His name that will stand above it all.

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us
— Ephesians 3:20
Something More