A Higher Road


There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when summiting a mountain.


After hours of sheeting rain, aching legs, perilous scrambles, numbing cold and burning lungs, that final horizon unfurls to reveal the reward for relentless perseverance.


It doesn’t matter how tired you are, how raw your shoulders are or how many blisters you have on your blisters: as the weight of your pack falls to the floor, it’s all forgotten. You walk on air and grin at the sky, giddy with accomplishment. Before you is the prize. An unlimited vista assembled from incomprehensible vastness and beauty...


We believe that Something More is at the foot of a mountain, with two roads stretching out in front of us. As we have journeyed with God, seeking to align our vision with His heart, we have been approaching this crossroads. One road is wide, easy and comfortable. It’s paved with fluffy articles, safe content and an emphasis on ‘socially responsible’ faith. This road gently meanders up around the shoulder of the mountain, but it never quite reaches the summit.


The other is a narrow track that weaves up, out of view, into the clouds. It is steep and it is difficult. Soaring cliffs loom over bottomless ravines and countless obstacles block the way. But at the summit of that winding ribbon through jagged rocks is the secret promise of an untold vista. We do not know what is up there, veiled in clouds. All we know is that we are being called to trust, and to climb.


We have been given a great gift: a voice. We can use it to elevate ourselves, or we can use it to declare Christ crucified for lost people.


We believe that we have been called to get serious about being an active, uncompromising and consistently gospel-filled voice that speaks with integrity and purpose into our world.


A voice that represents faith in a society where it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so, a voice that gives bible-based responses to real world scenarios and a voice that pioneers what it means to communicate faith to a distracted generation. It has been laid on our hearts to spend our time and resources labouring to create things which truly inspire and facilitate change in pockets of friends, families and communities around the world.


We already have the immense privilege of creating things which put Christians into situations where they can share their faith. But we want to go further by consistently resourcing, equipping and empowering them to do it well. We want to do all we can to lift the countless voices of a rising generation and join them in the deafening proclamation of a resurrected Christ.


It is the only message that matters.


Everything else dims when confronted with the reality of who Jesus is and what He has done. It is the only thing that makes sense in a world full of people desperately scrambling to fill their lives with more stuff, hoping that it will bring them happiness and purpose, but succeeding only in creating more sources of dissatisfaction.


Our world longs for meaning. We have no option but to live in a way which sings love, truth and hope into the lives of everyone who encounters us.


A commitment to uncompromisingly keep the main thing the main thing is a commitment to a difficult journey. A journey along a narrow track that weaves up, out of view, into the clouds.


We have stepped out onto that higher road. It will be hard and we will stumble, but with God's grace, strength and guidance we will persevere to summit the mountain in front of us.


Climb it with us.


For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.
— Romans 1v16
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