Fixated on fear or excited for change?


Our lives often tend to find themselves in a constant state of flux.

In stark comparison with our parents' generation, we have learned to embrace, or at times curiously pursue, the transitory in favour of the static. We flutter between friend groups. We switch cities. We rotate our profession, all in an effort to increase our chances of a fresh environment and to safeguard from the threat of plateau.

Whether it hits as a bolt from the blue or after extended periods of careful thought, life can rapidly deliver us to crossroads and cliff edge moments. Fears and insecurities are exposed in the full light of day and we are challenged to discern the best possible path for our journey ahead. As followers of Jesus, this in itself is a unique collision of stepping 'out', but simultaneously stepping 'into' a new chapter that God may be scripting for us. 

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go
— Joshua 1:9

The prospect of change goes against our natural leanings towards security. In these times of tension, God is calling us forward and into a dynamic life with the assurance of His ultimate provision that will meet us with every step. 

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps
— Proverbs 16:9

Change is not for the faint hearted and we should be mindful of the times when it is in fact fitting to stay. Sometimes we are called to remain. To build. To invest. To cultivate. To nurture. However there are clear, identifiable moments where everything within our body, heart and spirit recognises that it is simply time to 'go' - in spite of fear, insecurity, the unknown or anything we may be asked to selflessly sacrifice as a result.

As for me, I am in your hands; do with me whatever you think is good and right
— Jeremiah 26:14

But how are to we to respond to those moments in faith?

Are we fixated on fear, or excited for change?

Fixation offers an unhealthy perspective on our current reality. It needlessly expends our energy. It disregards our context. It skews the balance of our humanity with the divine and it discounts our position and relationship to our heavenly creator.

As children whose lives are fully submitted to a higher calling, we must never live out of a place where fear reigns in our thought, decisions and action. God is the chief director of our steps. Faith-filled, courageous obedience is distinctly different from falling hopeless victim to reckless living. Where He can be found at the heart, we ought never to fear those times where God is doing something new, but rather run into the different spheres that He is calling us into, trusting in the care of a loving father. 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him , and he will make your paths straight
— Proverbs 3:5-6

God is the God of order. Structure. Organisation. There is nothing slapdash or dishevelled within the nature of His character. He orchestrates meetings and encounters daily. He opens doors. God has strategically placed us within our existing spheres or courageously beckons us into new ones. Oh that we may be the mouthpiece of grace and instruments of sweet reconciliation!

Our identity is tied to our creator, not our context. This understanding gives us complete mobility and freedom to move when circumstances permit and follow God's leading. It also spurs us to ask God for bigger dreams. So great in fact, that if they seem easily achievable by earthly means, we have no choice but to start afresh. We shoot for the ceiling instead of the stars. We settle for less. With complacency and shortsighted vision, we comfortably live out the life we have without bringing before God, with the right motivation, what we truly want to achieve for Him. 

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart
— Psalm 37:4

I continually stand in awe that the God who created galaxies is somehow entirely personal, relevant and interested in the delicate details of our lives. He made us in all our wonder and uniqueness. He gifts us differently. He can change our circumstances in a heartbeat and can be trusted without question. Nothing is ultimately out of the reach of His control.

How exciting that the same Lord of history is also a God of mystery. He relentlessly pursues you with love and wants to reserve only the best for you. Practise rhythms of trust and obedience, in the minute and the grand. Lean in and listen to His direction. Walk on in adventure and confidence and let His lamp light your way.

Let me hear Your loving kindness in the morning; For I trust You. Teach me the way in which I should walk; For to You I lift up my soul
— Psalm 143:8
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