"New York City has been a huge place of adventure for me. I love the multitude of different cultures that the city contains, the little niches that make New York City so unique.

I originally hail from a city just 30 minutes south of LA. Long Beach, California was my home for the first 23 years of my life. I now live in Greenwich, Connecticut, where I am a high school coordinator at Trinity Church.

This brand new community has welcomed me into their fold, with open arms that have been more generous to me than I deserve. I have only been here a few months, and my heart has already been blessed countless times by these amazing people.

Greenwich is just an hour’s train ride from New York City. I have taken this ride more than I can count, in the short amount of time I have lived here. I get extremely excited every time the train pulls into Grand Central Terminal, where the hustle and bustle of NYC life first hits the unaware traveler. I know it hit me on my first adventure into the city.

The city is fast paced- no time or room for looking back. I have been scolded by resident New Yorkers who very bluntly tell me the facts I need to know before they whisk away into the blur of people. I parallel the pace of the Manhattan area of New York to that of a beehive, one that never sleeps, never stops, and is always going.

For most people, rest looks like a weekend away from all of that craziness.

When I need rest, I run towards that craziness.

I have found rest in the joy that only Jesus could give. I have seen with my own eyes, REAL JOY. Authentic, human emotion that can only be explained by the life of the perfect Lamb.

The average New Yorker can be stereotyped as curt, cold, and crass. Although I have seen this type of citizen, know also that I have seen the warmth, the welcome, and the wonder, that, when witnessed, outweighs any negativity you might experience. In that moment, I see the face of God.

It is easy to be charmed and mesmerized by the lights and sights. New York City is a wondrous place. Don’t let these things fool you. There is still brokenness. When strolling down Broadway, remember there is addiction in the lives of those performers. When looking up in Times Square, remember there is still abuse in the relationships that seem perfect. New York City still needs Jesus!

I have been captivated by peers around me who are pursuing Jesus in their own way. It inspires me to run after Jesus in the ways He has made me who I am. Something More is one of those organizations you know is on the move for the Kingdom. I am so excited to be part of the journey that is unfolding in front of me!

Jesus is at work in Greenwich, He is at work in New York City. And friends, He is at work in YOUR city as well. May you seek out the joy only He could give, and may you adventure in fellowship with those who are also running towards the craziness!"