God Isn't Asking You To Make Him Relevant


Over the last decade the same question has been frequently asked by every newspaper, lunch-bar and blog -

Is Christianity relevant today?

Christians have tried to find new ways to engage with society, but ambient synth pads, non-offensive rap and light shows do not create relevance. Getting younger people through the door, wearing skinnier jeans and having edgier haircuts does not make church relevant. Explaining to people that their worldview isn't really that different to Christianity and that they’re probably ok just by being here does not make church more relevant. Let’s stop relegating Christianity to just ‘keeping up’. We are called to set a new agenda, not to follow a broken one. It’s time to talk about what makes us different, not what makes us the same.


Christianity is utterly counter-cultural. The message of Jesus does not politely fit into the box that most people accept as appropriate. It is not normal behaviour to turn the other cheek and it isn’t ordinary to love other people as much as we love ourselves. Christianity is not something that people will just slip into because the music sounds like what they are used to and the morals are not that different from the ones they currently live by; it is the turning upside down of human nature by the grace of God alone. God hung on a man-made cross, where He took all of our failures on Himself and He paid a debt that no amount of good deeds, church attendance or financial donation could ever scratch the surface of. God took it on Himself to make a way for us to be reconciled when we deserved it the least.


We so often allow the presentation of our message to become distracted with new and inventive ways to embrace today’s culture, but that was never God’s plan. Christians are called to stand out as leaders of society, to be innovators and identifiable as radically different from those around them.


We’re building a community that is challenging the status quo. A community of identifiable people who are recognised by the things they wear, the way they live and the message they bring. We want you to join us.


Christianity is not about being relevant to culture today, it is far more important than that.

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