Stop Diluting My Faith


Every day we have to deal with a very uncomfortable truth - Christianity is controversial.


It upsets people. We have two options; we can stand up, or roll over. Unfortunately, with the growth of social media, those who roll over often feel the need to villainize those who don’t, whilst describing themselves as ‘most Christians’.


The word ‘christian’ has become synonymous with the words ‘good’ and ‘nice’ as opposed to its true meaning as a person chosen by God, set apart by God, loved by God (Colossians 3) and reconciled to Him through Jesus.


Perhaps you’ve had those conversations where people express their personal ‘doctrines’ that sound like this:

-    Yeah I’d call myself a Christian. I’m a good person, I do charity work, I just don’t go to church.

-    I’m a Christian, I believe there must be a god.

-    That bit of the bible doesn’t matter because it was a different culture back then, times have changed.


You’ll have your own opinion on these statements, but I want to put a question to you.


As a Christian, what shapes your theology? Are your views and principles based on what your culture tells you is acceptable or what the bible says?


We daily walk the thin line between engaging with our culture and embracing it, but when those difficult moments raise their heads and those tough questions are thrown at you, are you relying on your own understanding, shaped by your upbringing, your friends, your education, or are you relying on the word of God, given to you for those exact occasions?


Yes, ultimately everyone has a right to their own opinions and we will find some things the bible says difficult, but if you ever struggle with a difficult issue and find yourself compromising, please don’t do it in the name of ‘most Christians’ …at least not this one.


We know that being a Christian will be tough, and it’s ok that there will be people who don’t like what you believe. Stand up anyway! It’s in these moments that -

The testing of your faith produces steadfastness
— James 1:2-4

FaithDan Riddle