A Lost Generation


We are more connected today than ever before

Through social media we have thousands of people that we can connect with, people that we can interact with at any moment. So how can a generation that is so ‘connected’ feel more alone, more anxious, more depressed, more suicidal and more relationally disconnected than ever before.

Because of the distraction social media has created from real life relationships, on top of the battering that the family household has taken through divorce and relational breakdown the biggest gap in a person's life is more than ever to discover a sense of belonging.

Reaching a generation of lost people is less about impressing them with lights, speakers, smoke and entertainment and more about gathering them to meaningful connection. Creating shared experience around sustainable relationship is the key to winning the hearts of our generation.

My greatest desire is to see internally broken, fragmented and desperate people find redemption. There is only one Man who can make all things new, who can truly give us a brand new start, who can transform us from the inside out – his name is Jesus. There is no apology in me for presenting Christ as the only true answer for a lost and broken generation of people. There isn’t a hint of hesitation from the marketing madmen who constantly present their product and purpose at every opportunity. So to be timid and apologetic and expect to leave a mark is just not going to happen.


But how do you reach the lost when they are under the illusion that they aren’t lost?

Pointing out deficiencies and naming wrongs only leaves the sour taste of someone trying to change you. But someone who has not yet experienced acceptance will never desire the change you insist they need.

When there is a sense that they belong to you, that they are family to you in-spite of whether they have assimilated to your practice and way of life, suddenly the principles you live by have credibility. People are constantly compromising on principle to discover what they are truly desperate for… to belong. They will compromise health, safety, logic, faith and reputation so that they might find a people they belong to.

The reality is, people will live by great principle, they will live by great truths, they will adhere to a lifestyle that is going to enrich them and not leave them empty handed so long as what they live by fulfils their greatest need – to belong.

This does not mean we abandon any sense of relevance in our delivery or presentation, but it does mean we must align our priorities to meet their need. When this deep need is met, their true need can be realised.