You are valuable

Your attention is in high demand.

In a commercial world marketing is everywhere, competing for your attention, convincing you of your need for them.

“You’ll be complete if…”

“You’ll be happy if…”

If they can grab your attention chances are they can get something out of you, money, commitment, you.

In this fast paced world there is a quiet revolution, people who are choosing to live for something more than the rhetoric of the consumer culture. A group of people who are walking away from material gain to follow a selfless path. 

How does this happen? How can we beat the system? How can we swim against the tide?


We need to learn to Pause

Jesus when He walked the earth would often found Himself the centre of attention, people either worshiping Him or baying for His blood. 

His attention was in constant demand.

“Jesus heal me”

“Jesus provide for me”

Yet the middle of this noise, Jesus withdrew. He went to the garden, up the mountain, on the lake. He removed himself from the noise.

He paused.

This is where He gathered himself, where He heard from His father, where He connected with His true identity, this was the source of His success. 

Not His ability to be busy, but His willingness to consider something other than himself worthy of His full attention. Consumerism appeals to our ego but Christ shows us selflessness, breaks the tide and leads us into something more.

In a world competing for you, placing the highest value on your attention, will you choose to give it away? Give it to something greater, someone better? 

Just as Jesus promised, when we choose to give our life away that’s when we truly start to live.

Will you pause?


Michael McGlynn, founder of Pause Media and Co-Founder of Encounter Liverpool, is 26 and lives with wife Amy in Liverpool. Mike dreams of inspiring a generation to pursue Christ with their whole lives and looks to do so in as creative a way as possible.