The Project

In February of this year I convinced my wife that the house we were currently viewing with the intention to buy would be worth it in the long run. It had been occupied by a middle aged single woman who had a couple of kids and was clearly a hoarder. She had shoeboxes stacked to the ceiling in her bedroom, a fridge-freezer in the lounge, and after summoning the courage to venture into the loft we were rewarded with the discovery of six rather large light bulbs, which may or may not have been used for the growing of herbaceous plants…

Nevertheless the house was a mess and now three months later we own the house and are currently spending every waking moment attempting to renovate it to a reasonable standard of living.

The concern with all of this, and the reason why I used the word ‘convinced’ in the opening line is that on first impressions I would not have blamed my wife if she had said that she would rather live in a garden shed. In fact, it has taken a fair amount of time just getting the property to a standard that would make decorating achievable.  In spite of all this I saw the potential behind the clutter and the featured 1970’s electric fire. My wife wasn’t as ‘convinced’ as I would have liked although it is possible that her concerns were a testament to my questionable DIY skills. However, recently our excitement has begun to rise as we see slow but clear progress in the development of our house with walls being painted and ceilings being plastered (who invented artex ceilings?!). 

Something More began as an idea, a pipe dream really: what if we could build an identifiable community of people that is recognised as a positive entity by the people that it seeks to reach. Would it be possible to establish something that breaks barriers, preconceptions, and judgments about Christianity and the Church, which would then encourage those who do not follow Jesus Christ to question if there is something more to life?

We experienced a very raw sense of excitement and anticipation as we started throwing ideas around a very small living room, but more than anything, a realisation that this was not going to be easy. Setting up a clothing brand or design studio is reasonably straight forward if you have the skills and resources available. But to begin an organisation that challenges people’s thinking through clothing, media, design, events and so on is another thing altogether.

Whilst at the beginning we were unsure whether something like this was even possible, just like my house, we have gone for it. Something More is passionate about using what God has given us in today’s society to display Christ to a generation, and to serve the Church by demolishing barriers and opening doors for people to be reached across the UK with the message that there is something more. To change the perception of a generation is an unprecedented and outrageous task, but the potential is tremendous.  Join us.