Being an English student, my exams – well actually, my exam (singular) – finished earlier than others this year. So naturally I invested my time in something productive and spent a week binging on Netflix. Benefits of being a student, right?

Wrong. Of course, there are a host of things I could have done that would have been far more beneficial. I could have spent time reading those books I’ve been meaning to read all year (but having spent the first year of my degree buried in contemporary fiction, this didn’t seem all too appealing). Alternatively, I might have chosen to read some more of my Bible, which I’ve been intending to do for a while. Or perhaps I could have used the time to do some serious wedding planning for my wedding next year. And that’s just a snippet of the things that might have been a better use of my time. God wants my attention, and I could have at least done him the courtesy of giving it to him.

But with God being God, and God being good, and God being bigger, he found a way to communicate with me anyway through my Netflix marathon – in particular, through my new favourite series, Suits.

Suits is a fantastic series about the interactions between a top lawyer, Harvey Specter, and a college drop-out, Mike Ross. I won’t ruin it for you, but if you get the chance to watch it (like, perhaps, when your exams are over and you have a billion better things to be doing), you’ll see just how amazing it is. A perfect balance between serious and witty, intelligent humour.

Anyway, the main point is: it is about lawyers. And Harvey Specter is a pretty awesome lawyer. In the programme, he’s referred to as the city’s ‘best closer’ – he closes cases. I don’t know if the show is particularly accurate to real-life law, but it’s still exciting to watch. The sense of justice in me applauds when I see an (albeit fictional) opponent get smashed in court by a man who knows what to say, how to say it, and how to deliver results. ‘Oh to know someone like that’, I thought.

And then it struck me. Jesus is like that. In fact, Jesus is better than that. Jesus is by far the best closer lawyer in the world. It is Jesus that knows exactly what to say, when to say it, how to say it, and how to deliver results. It is Jesus standing in His Courtroom on my behalf, pleading my case convincingly, testifying with His own blood, so that I can be free. Yes, I didn’t use my post-exam week to its full potential. I didn’t invest in things worth investing in. But Jesus is still pleading my case with rigour, passion, and most importantly, love. One of the themes in Suits that is played out near the beginning of Season 1 is the idea that Harvey, for all his ability, appears to lack compassion and care for his clients, and sees them as projects instead of individuals. But Jesus sees me as me. He cares for me. He fights my case for me. His ability is unparalleled and His love is incomparable. And it is this love which enables me to move forward from the past week free from shame or embarrassment. As the song ‘How He Loves’ says, ‘I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way that He loves us’.

Jesus is a great lawyer. He does not fit the greedy, corrupt, self-interested and outrageously rich model that we may sadly associate with lawyers in our world today (not that this stereotype is always true anyway). Instead, he is compassionate, honest, full of integrity, self-sacrificing, and full of lavish and abundant love for us. Let him plead your case for you. There is no one better.