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Creating ways of communicating faith



Empowering individuals to communicate their faith with people around them.



Empowering organisations to communicate faith strategically and creatively.



Empowering creative leaders to communicate faith with the world.


We are

A conversation starter, a perspective changer, a way of living life differently. We acknowledge the whisper you can sometimes hear in the quiet moments, the wondering if there is more to this life. We seek to unite all those who hear this whisper, a generation of those who seek Him, to proclaim to a wondering world: yes, there is something more.



Our deepest needs and longings can't be fulfilled by attaining something temporary - physically, emotionally or experientially.

They can't be satisfied by accumulating more possessions, relationships, or achievements. They can't be satisfied by anything with an expiry date. That itch you feel when you're alone and quiet and thinking about life, that hunger for purpose and identity is evidence that deep down you know that something temporary will never be enough. You know that there must be something bigger than you, something eternal.


So we will

Share the message of Jesus Christ.
We will not hide from it, we will not dilute it, we will not turn from it.
We will stand with every quiet voice that boldly proclaims a resurrected Christ and loudly declare together: yes, there is something more.


In the knowledge that

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13