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Made for More.


We began as a group of friends who wanted to make a difference

We had a dream to be a voice of hope that spoke the truth about a loving God. We longed to share with the world that there is something more by empowering Christians to speak boldly and live distinctively.

Our world longs for meaning. If you are someone who believes that hope is found in Jesus, you have a choice to make every day. You can quietly keep the truth about Him to yourself, or you can stand and you can speak. Our community is challenging the status quo.

Stand with us and say - we believe in more.


Today, we exist to do one thing - make Jesus known

Our purpose is to present to a generation the Man who changed everything. We are an organisation that engages with the culture we live in whilst seeking to reveal that there is something more.

It is our mission to create a united community, passionate about change, that strives to strip back preconceptions and to present Jesus as He actually is. We want to engage our generation in a deeper conversation about faith, challenging world views and causing people to see God outside the box He's been placed in.

Through relationship and love, the world was changed

We want people to be identified as part of the community and to share the message. Equipped by our resources and with confidence in the power of the gospel. We want to be recognised as those who engage in dialogue about truth, about faith, about freedom in Christ.


Word of mouth is, and always has been, the most powerful way to share a message

People often dismiss what they perceive Christianity to be, not what it actually is. It is this that we want to change. Imagine the potential of thousands of people coming together through a platform that equips them to impact their cities, friendship groups, universities and workplaces. A platform that gives them confidence in the message of Jesus through resources, media and events and confidence to share it by being part of a nationwide, identifiable community recognised as a positive entity by those it seeks to reach.

Something More exists, in part, as a rallying point

We’re building a community that is challenging the status quo. A community of identifiable people who are recognised by the way they live and the message they bring. We want you to join us. We are people with a message that we are passionate about sharing, and in every platform that presents this message we will seek to pursue and showcase excellence.