Empowering individuals to communicate faith


Empowering individuals to communicate faith


A conversation starter, a perspective changer, a way of living life differently. We acknowledge the whisper you can sometimes hear in the quiet moments, the wondering if there is more to this life. We seek to unite all those who hear this whisper, a generation of those who seek Him, to proclaim to a wondering world: yes,
there is something more.


We're growing a community that's committed to engaging our generation in a deeper conversation about faith. An active, uncompromising and consistently gospel-filled voice that speaks with integrity and purpose into our world.

Resourcing our community to live distinctively is a priority. We want to do all we can to lift the voices of a rising generation and join them in the resounding proclamation of a resurrected Christ.

Story is powerful. We create things which put people into situations where they can share their story of faith with the people around them. By designing products that are full of meaning we hope to inspire people to stand, and to speak.