Empowering creative leaders to communicate faith


Empowering Creative leaders to communicate faith


Something More's purpose is to be a voice.
To tell a generation that there is something more.
To show them Jesus.

We're developing a year-long training community for creative Christians who want to be thought leaders, to be equipped to engage culture and present Jesus through multi-platform communication. We're assembling writers, filmmakers, designers, photographers and artists. We’re working to shape, refine and deliver the message on their hearts to impact the world with the Gospel.

Positioned at the forefront of all that Something More does, the Academy pioneers new ways of communicating faith, serving as a powerhouse that conceives, creates and delivers new, innovative content. We view it not as a side project, but a new and incredibly exciting opportunity for profoundly transforming society whilst equipping a new generation of creative leaders.

It will be a forum and a platform. Somewhere you can unburden yourself creatively, be vulnerable and collaborate, the Academy is a space for you to explore the intersection between faith and creativity through inspiring and transformative content.

Storytelling – in whatever form it takes – is an invaluable tool. We are writers, photographers, videographers, artists and designers to name but a few, who have been meticulously formed by the original Creator, our mission is to now tell this story to those around us.

Alongside our desire to empower individuals to communicate their faith, our heart for the Academy is to completely transcend ‘cool’. Quite simply, we aren’t interested in it. We seek to further the Kingdom, not our egos. We aspire to build something beyond ourselves which is far more durable and poignant than those fads and filters which come and go. From all different walks of life, we come together as a collective to share our voices, raw, uncut and real, resourcing a wider community to live distinctively and to embrace the freedom into which He invites us.

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